GET gives you the essential support, knowledge, & network to navigate your next venture in the not-for-profit sector in Cambridgeshire.

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All members are welcome and bring their own unique perspective to the network.
Welcome to GET

GET, an acronym for Guidance, Employment and Training was formed in 1989, with a mission to provide an ‘umbrella’ Infrastructure Group for the adult not-for-profit sector of Cambridgeshire.


Over the years, our membership has grown significantly, becoming more fluid and diverse, with membership including, as well as the ‘core’ of voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations (VCSE), statutory bodies, private sector providers and individuals.

Our board of directors aims to be as representative as possible of the wider network, we have Guidance, Employment and Training in the mix.

Together GET  represents;
  • Over 63,000 individuals being supported through our members organisations

  • In excess of 2,100 members of staff employed in organisations whose size ranges from no paid staff to over 500. 

  • Over 1,540 active volunteers working in a wide range of service sectors.

We support these  organisations in the  following locational  areas;

GET meeting dates

for 2022 are;

*July/August tbc

*September 15th

*December 15th – incorporating the AGM