GET Events

GET Group Meetings

Our regular GET Group meetings take place quarterly with all members of our Cambridgehire network invited.

Recent meetings have taken place via zoom due to covid restrictions which has proved beneficial to our members with increased participation from home. In the future we are aiming to offer the opportunity for ‘blended’ meetings, with those willing and able to attend ‘physically’ doing so, others joining through an IT link.

Get Group meeting
Zoom meeting
GET Group meeting
Celebration of Adult Learning

GET Group organise, coordinate and run an annual Celebration of Adult Learning event in addition to our regular meetings. This features presentation slots of 10 minutes each, featuring learners telling the story of their ‘learner journey’. They are primarily learners who have overcome significant disadvantage and barriers to get to where they are, the majority are City residents and/or have been supported by City based GET Group Members. They enthuse, move and inspire us all as they do so.

GET meeting dates

for 2022 are;

*July/August tbc

*September 15th

*December 15th – incorporating the AGM

Members Survey

Every year, we send out a survey to our members, it is an important undertaking, providing us with valuable feedback, but also evidence for Cambridge City Council of our collaborative approach.