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GET Members team up!

Sew Positive have been working with Phoenix Trust a charity in Milton, to personalise aprons for their kitchen team.

Phoenix Trust, a charity supporting people with learning disabilities, participated in a workshop organised by Sew Positive to customise aprons for their new cake making business. Phoenix Trust’s association with Sew Positive started when they very kindly provided a wonderful array of masks towards the start of the pandemic. Recently they came on site with their sewing machines, offering not just their time and expertise, but also materials. The Phoenix co-workers were delighted with their designs which have subsequently received many compliments! It was also a great opportunity to have a go at learning a new skill working on the sewing machine, cutting the fabric and using the iron to press pieces flat.

Eight of the team took part, choosing patterned material, customising the fit, and using different ways of fastening according to their preference. We were delighted that Karin Read, the Sew Positive fundraiser, who ran the Manchester Marathon to raise money for the workshop, was able to drop in and see the project in action.

One participant quoted that “being creative is good for me” and another “sewing made me feel happy” so the feedback was certainly positive! Jude from Phoenix commented “it has been great working with Sew Positive, and to see first-hand the synergy between GET members – it’s what networking is all about!"

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