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The Red Hen Project

The Red Hen Project has been supporting children and their families across north Cambridge since 1998. Our aim is to improve life chances and support families from dependence to independence.

Our experienced family workers support individual families intensively one-to-one in their homes over a long period of time - on average 6-9 months. This is complemented by outreach support in the form of drop-ins, family trips, workshops and parenting courses, plus poverty relief through deliveries of food and other household essentials

We aim to
• help families move from dependence to independence
• nurture positive parenting skills in our families and the wider community
• foster social integration, access and participation, thus reducing social isolation
• co-ordinate support in a focused way promoting interagency liaison and co-operation
• enable families to seek appropriate support from other agencies.
• advance the education of children by helping to remove barriers to learning
• prevent truancy and exclusions and encourage parental involvement in their children’s learning
• build more positive relationships between families, their schools and the community.

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The Red Hen Project

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Members Service Areas:

Family Support

Location of Beneficiaries:

Cambridge City, South Cambridgeshire

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