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Safe Soulmates

Safe Soulmates is a friendship and dating organisation which brings together adults with additional needs to help them find and nurture friendships and loving relationships in a safe way, free from ‘mate crime’, sexual abuse and financial abuse. Safe Soulmates aims to provide a supportive environment for its members by hosting meet-ups in pubs and any other venues our members suggest, to help people connect with one another in a safe way. Where there is a romantic spark, Safe Soulmates supports this to grow in a positive way by chaperoning dates and offering tailored advice with the help of Dhiverse, a sexual health charity based in Cambridge. During the pandemic we have worked online, hosting more than 10 small and large groups a week and facilitating friendship groups and chaperoning matches. We have 11 couple who are either in established relationships or who are getting to know each other. One couple, who met at the beginning of lockdown have moved in together and are talking of marriage. We offer hope and a safe place to be.

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Safe Soulmates

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Members Service Areas:

Learning Disability

Location of Beneficiaries:

East Cambridgeshire

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