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Read Easy, Cambridge

Read Easy, Cambridge came into being in 2016 via the Pioneers Juliet Gibbs and Stevie James-Roach. Juliet had been a specialist Teacher in Dyslexia and Stevie’s background was in Adult and Young Person’s education. They both had first hand knowledge of the inaccessibility of progress in all avenues of life for adult non readers and the aim was to empower literacy and opportunity through personalised Coaching.

Everyone involved with Read Easy, Cambridge is a Volunteer. All funding is spent on Training and materials. No salaries have to be accounted for. CRE currently has 44 Trained Volunteer Coaches who meet with their Adult ‘Learners’ twice a week for 30 minute sessions. The sessions are bespoke to the needs of the Learner. Some Learners have had disrupted schooling, some no schooling at all and many of those aged 40 and over are undiagnosed dyslexics.

The Pandemic meant that those who had access to IT were able to continue over the ‘lockdown’ but this reduced numbers to a mere 14. Since face to face has been re enabled Read Easy, Cambridge has 31 Active Reading Pairs.

Over 100 Learners have benefited from improvements in their literacy in the last 5 years and Read Easy Cambridge are grateful to GET for the opportunity to meet with other agencies which have referred prospective learners.

Read Easy, Cambridge provides FREE one to one Literacy Coaching by specially trained Coaches in 2 30 minute sessions per week in Libraries and Community Centres convenient to our Learners, wherever possible.

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Read Easy, Cambridge

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Training, Education

Location of Beneficiaries:

Cambridge City, And nearby villages

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