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Get Synergised with Rachel Hales

Get Synergised with Rachel Hales

Rachel is a Strategic Consultant and the founder of Get Synergised, a purpose-driven business that helps create collaborative opportunities to improve society. Through consultancy. Rachel brokers and facilitates partnerships between businesses and the charitable sector to build thriving communities.

You could call her a matchmaker!

A natural collaborator and skilled at building effective partnerships, Rachel utilises her expert experience and unique methodologies to help charites and social enterprises embed the strategies needed to build meaningful and sustainable partnerships with businesses to help diversify their resource and income. With rising demands in challenging times, charities and social enterprises need to act and think strategically when developing partnerships with businesses.

By enabling these sectors to collaborate to tackle important social issues, together we can create a better society for everyone. Rachel has dedicated over 20 years to working directly in communities to drive social change and improve the lives of individuals, based in Cambridge, Get Synergised works with charities and social enterprises all over the UK.

07725 515471

Get Synergised with Rachel Hales

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Members Service Areas:

Advice Services, Practical and emotional support, Guidance, Training, Infrastructure, Charity Consultancy

Location of Beneficiaries:

Cambridge City, South Cambridgeshire, East Cambridgeshire, Huntingtonshire, Fenland, Peterbrough, UK wide

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