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Cambridge Cyrenians

Cambridge Cyrenians for the past 50 years have provided accommodation and support to local homeless men and women. We currently provide accommodation for over 100 people in a variety of houses across the city. We also run an allotment and football group, these activities improve the mental and physical health of our residents and are open to other homeless service users in the city. Furthermore, we have an onsite mental health program. This is made up of our onsite mental health practitioner, who is able to see people quickly and provide in-depth one on one mental health support or signpost people to relevant agencies, and 4 counsellors who can see people weekly. By having these workers in our team it means our residents can be seen months quicker than if they were on an NHS waiting list.

01223 464696

Cambridge Cyrenians

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Members Service Areas:

Housing, Mental Health, Homelessness

Location of Beneficiaries:

Cambridge City

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