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Cambridge GET Group is an umbrella infrastructure support group for member organisations in the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) who offer guidance, employment and training (hence ‘GET’) to unemployed or otherwise disadvantaged people.  Its core activities can be best described by the acronym ‘FAINT’ – Funding, Advocacy, Information, Networking and Training.


Established in February 1989 by a group of 6 organisations and funded by Cambridge City Council, Cambridge GET Group was incorporated in 1998.  It now has 35+ 'Full' Members (VCS organisations) & 10+ 'Associate' Members (non-VCS organisations and statutory bodies eg. FE colleges, City/County/District councils.)  The Company has an elected Board and Members’ meetings are held around every six weeks.



Important dates for your diary:





Next meeting is on: Weds July 6th 2016, 10am-12.00, venue tbc

This will be a joint meeting with Cambridge City/S Cambs CLASP


You can download agenda and previous minutes from 'GET Group agendas' and 'GET Group minutes'.




All meetings are at CHS Group, Endurance House, Histon, CB24 9ZR at 10am, except where otherwise stated.






























GET is a company limited by guaranteee

Registered no: 3535522

Registered address: Dee House, Highworth Avenue, Cambridge, CB4 2BQ






Latest News

Cambridgeshire Community Fair, June 7th 2016


If you're involved in a local community project, or have an idea for a new one, come and browse stalls of local organisations, funders, local authorities at the:

Cambs Commuity Fair, Burgess Hall, Westwood Rd, St Ives PE27 6WU on June 7th, 2-6pm.


See GET Group, General Information for more details